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October 12, 2017





What - 

Two Somatic Awareness Workshops 


Learn to access the muscle of conscious awareness.

In these workshops we will use simple and powerful practices for staying connected to our bodies even under stressful conditions. We will awaken our ability to experience the present and recognize habitual tendencies.


We will learn ancient techniques tested in modern neuroscience that affect our ability to calm our nervous system and balance our endocrine system.

These workshops will teach you to access your ability to consciously shift your physiology. 


Beginning with a gentle movement practice that will allow us to become awake and warm yet alert in stillness, we will then move into practices including but not limited to pranyama, Kriya/internal conscious rotation, mudra, mantra and meditation. 


When -

Two Saturdays October 14th and 28th

7:00-9:00 am

7:00 am ?!? Yes!

The twilight glow of morning is the optimum time for integrating these practices. As we awaken out of dream sleep state with our mind not yet full of the daily distractions, we have the most ability to be inspired, shift old patterns and learn new skills.



Why - 


Our ability to have clarity of perspective is nourished by awareness of our inner landscape. As our perspective is always subjective, becoming more familiar and intimate with ourselves allows us to have more choice in our life.

Our relationships with others are only as good as our relationship with ourselves.


Somatic Awareness simply means learning to feel your body. As simple as it sounds, this is the one skill that is both supremely important and lacking in many of our relationships. It's the reason why our relationship with ourselves (inner dialogue) and others are often confusing, painful or dissatisfying. 

When we create space to recognize our feelings we can identify what we need and then choose a graceful strategy to get our needs met. When we take our practice toward Pratyahara, "drawing our senses inward", our life becomes richer, more textured, more honest. 



Who - 


You - have minimum one year of practice of yoga or meditation.

Me - Go to MY STORY page.



How -

$25 per day . 

If you are financially challenged or financially abundant you can adjust to what works for you. 

I recommend taking both classes as they are taught consecutively, but you can just take the first one as a single workshop.

Because of the nature of the practice , I invite you to eat light and refrain from caffeine. Please come 10 minutes early to set up and settle in as we will start on time. Bring a journal and pen, water and a mala if you have one. 


Where -

Iris - Iris yoga barn

236 Towpath Road, Accord, NY 12404

If you haven’t been to Iris yet you are in for a special treat. We will cozy up and practice in soft morning light on the radiant heated floor in a yoga barn in the middle of a luscious garden.

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