soul sister, likes to listen, likes to groove,

likes to chant, creates fullness, 

offers abundance, ethereally grounds, 

makes music, bends backwards, flies upwards, breathes deeply, spontaneously loves, shape shifter, reality shifter,

fixed on transcendence, fixed on awareness, TRANSFORMATION SPECIALIST,

pure intuitive, soft and sweet,

firm and powerful, cacao queen, prana pollinator, surfs the chaos,

rides the rhythms.

I am a Integrated Wellness Therapist.

I hold space for you as you move through the process of transforming your habitual tendencies in all aspects of your life.

I support you, guiding and nourishing your fullest version of well-being. As you become balanced, living in the center of your internal compass, I help you remain flowing in the direction you choose. 


As a young child I lost a parent. This sparked a flame of curiosity and fascination of human behavior as I observed everyone around me moving through a myriad of emotions, reactions, and responses. In my teens I began my life long study of what makes us tick. I read everything I could find, practiced daily and at 19 moved on to formal study in psychology and healing arts. My fascination and curiosity of how and why we move in and out of balance is my motivation. 

Having consistently done my practice while experiencing the various tides of ebb and flow in life and relationships, I am able to work with people on a much deeper level of compassion and understanding. 


I've spent 30 years of working with clients and students to heal and transform. With these years of experience I bring wisdom, enthusiasm, intuition and humanity to my practice of whole life healing. 

I practice conscious self-reflection daily, which is always challenging, but is my greatest teacher.

I continue to do my own work so that I can hold space for you.

My deepest sense of who I am is grounded in healing. 

I believe that if you help one person it makes a universal impact.

BOTTOM LINE: I'm here to leave the world a better place than when I found it.


While I am a trained nutrionist, certified in ayurvedic health , master yoga teacher, yoga therapist, licenced massage therapist, meditation teacher and a happiness specialist...

I do believe that everyone should occasionally eat so much (coconut milk) ice cream that they arrive at the bottom of the container. 

Your story is unique and beautiful

© 2017  

Stacy Guglielmi