The CCOSI  is ideal for clients desiring an in-person immersive program.

CCOSI sessions are based on the entire CCIP with the additional aspect of in depth daily life assessment. One on one full-day sessions designed to support you in embodying the strategies of your personalized transformative program. 


  • Visual and hands-on postural assesment

  • Hands on yoga asana adjustment,

  • Pranyama 

  • Kriya meditation 

  • Therapeutic movement awareness  

  • Ayurvedic based nutrition and cooking 

  • Daily bodywork 

  • Wholistic lifestyle coaching,

  • Supported restorative rest

  •  Follow-up emails, videos, and audios to clarify, maintain, and inspire you to continue your positive transformation. 


Recommendation for CCOSI:

3 days - If you are in the CCIP

7 days-Intensive full cycle immersion. 

The CCIP is ideal for clients  at any location via video conference. I

CCIP immersions are in person based on location.

For 7 months you will engage in a daily self nourishing transformative immersion that works around your schedule.

  • NVC practice awareness coaching

  • Therapeutic movement

  • pranyama

  • yoga asana

  • kriya meditation

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Wholistic lifestyle coaching

  • Ayurvedic based health education

  • Four 1-hour sessions per month

  • Weekly sessions in person/via video conferencing

  • Weekly intentions and activities

  • Follow-up emails, videos, and audios to clarify, maintain, and inspire you to continue your positive transformation. 


CCIP 7 month immersion includes the development, and ongoing maintenance of your personalized transformation plan.

CC Immersion Program (CCIP)
CC On Site Immersion (CCOSI)
Conscious Cadence 
two complimentary programs
Conscious Cadence is available in two diverse programs. Each program can be taken individually or they can be taken together for the full Conscious Cadence experience.

You come to the program with your specific needs and goals, therefore each course is completely customized to your lifestyle. Upon completeion of the program you will have moved through a full self evolution.

Design your life consciously - Choose happiness


what do you receive

  • CUSTOMIZED LIFESTYLE PLAN that offers daily strategies and refined practices that support you as you shift and transform.

  • ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS that support you in person or via video conference.

  • CUSTOM VIDEOS AND AUDIOS to maintain your uniquely designed practice.

  • AVAILABILITY to connect for moments when you are having questions or resistance to practice.

  • SUPPORT to energetically enhance the integration process.

You come to this program with unique and specific needs and goals. 

Each course is completely customized to your lifestyle needs.

You will  physically, mentally, and emotionally evolve to a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Freedom is stepping into the fullness that exists within you

  • Understand that transformation requires stepping into deeper awareness of your unconscious habitual patterning.

  • Are ready to engage in positive sustainable habits in order to generate optimum health and new experiences.

  • Recognize the power of having a supportive guide and accountability partner to illuminate your goals and visions, help you stay motivated, and follow through with your intention. 

  • Understand that to invest in the self  will enhance and maintain their continuous well being.

  • Are ready to take on their life in an empowered way and step forward with heightened awareness, clarity and joy.

Conscious Cadence is designed for individuals who:

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